The price of bitcoin (BTC) surged to $29,000 Wednesday evening for the first time ever, as bitcoin treasury bills finally surpass $70B in total bids.

The price of bitcoin (BTC) surged to $29,000 Wednesday evening for the first time ever, as bitcoin treasury bills finally surpass $70B in total bids.

With the day’s surge, the leading cryptocurrency resumed its rapid upward pace after seeming to be catching its breath on Monday and most of Tuesday following a record-setting run over the weekend.

Bitcoin prices hit a high of $29,280.05 before dropping back to $29,231.01, up 5.28% in the last 24 hours. The price of bitcoin (BTC, +3.28%) has now risen more than 300% year to date and no doubt put visions of $30,000 in the minds of holders of bitcoin.

Institutional investors are perceived to be driving this record-setting run by bidding billions of dollars in bitcoin treasury bills.

81 thoughts on “The price of bitcoin (BTC) surged to $29,000 Wednesday evening for the first time ever, as bitcoin treasury bills finally surpass $70B in total bids.”

  1. Holy shiiiii
    I can’t believe my eyes
    My neighbor said bitcoin was a scam ND the bubble finna burst soon
    Wen I showed him d price of bitcoin he had a temporal stroke

    1. Lol
      Hope hes okay though?
      He Shuld be in jail for calling bitcoin a scam, during the pandemic legitimate businesses went bankrupt, bitcoin stood firm, so where is the lie?

  2. I don’t know who needs to hear this but bitcoin is the best investment given to humanity since inception, fact is that we continue reaping the rewards

  3. Stunting like my daddy
    My dad saw the future, retired and invested his fortune in bitcoin with no regrets whatsoever
    He got me a new Porsche as Christmas present, pay to own bitcoin

  4. Bitcoin treasury bills couldn’t pick a better time to start operating, this is like the right moment, that exact moment we all have been waiting for, that’s why institutional investors snagged it from the skies and compromised billions of dollars for this.

  5. Celebrities are developing interest on bitcoin, the uneducated ones though with poor management, cos u know a handful of them who invest in bitcoin on a low, well its never too late

  6. My dad is the best, on the 17th birthday party he gifted me 1bitcoin,that was earlier this year when bitcoin was at $11k and today bitcoin is at $29k
    Made more than 100% profit, gave him back the $11k and thanked him so much, u love my dad

  7. All these feels like a movie to me, you just buy bitcoin and suddenly it goes up and u triple your money, the world is an interesting place

  8. I buried my money 1year,tought I was doing good only for me to dig it up ND it’s all been eaten up by Savage creatures, should have purchased bitcoin

  9. Crossing the sea is a hard thing to do, but once u cross it, there is no stopping you, bitcoin just crossed the sea! Anticipate the next move

  10. I saved $50k in a bank for 1year with nothing to show for it, bitcoin just opened my eyes, banks are just worthless these days.

  11. I hold nothing against fiat but for real bitcoin is taking over, offering btbills even more interesting, cos it’s paving way to massive adoption

  12. Leaving no stone unturned ds 2021
    My year of heavy cryptocurrency investment
    Bitcoin treasury bills couldn’t have chosen a better time to arrive

  13. You can’t make a good investment caught up in your emotions
    Emotions in investment never a good idea
    See the facts ND watch the stats that is what really matters, I learned that the hard way

  14. Woah first day of 2021 and my bid portfolio is already at $50k plus, I think this is a good sign, greater things ahead

  15. Happy new year folks
    Launched this new year with a Lil bag of $5k bid, is it little yes but will sure top up before the month runs out

  16. My dad always tell me that hating on a nigga is a weak emotion, I will ride this storm till the end of time and make my mark

  17. Bitcoin is barely 20years old and it already achieved what some 100years old financial system hasn’t achieved.

  18. RIP to the dead
    Congratulations to the living
    Its not a privilege, it’s all grace from God

  19. Scammers are the worst, spotted a fake bitcoin treasury bills site, it’s was clearly fake, their domain is,so bad

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