Bitcoin Soars Past $27K, Has Risen More Than $2.5K in a Little Over a Day; Market Cap Now Tops $500B as bitcoin treasury bills records more than $40billion in bids in the past 24hours

In the hit of the second wave of covid-19 and the celebration of Christmas holidays coupled with global economy surging out from recession. Bitcoin is the only funding solace among the commodity and digital market.

Is this the top? Or are we to expect more higher prices. Time will tell.

As Bitcoin treasury bills see an increase in bids as well as market cap topping $500bn, institutional investors are hedging billions in bitcoin treasury bills

130 thoughts on “Bitcoin Soars Past $27K, Has Risen More Than $2.5K in a Little Over a Day; Market Cap Now Tops $500B as bitcoin treasury bills records more than $40billion in bids in the past 24hours”

  1. Ethereum is just stagnant while the king of crypto is doing its thing, during the bullrun of 2017, bitcoin as at $20k while ethereum was at $2500,all thanks to the icos, I knew the rise wasn’t natural, it has proven itself to be a shit coin, all hail the king of crypto #Bitcoin#bitcointreasurybills#

  2. Hedge fund managers are cashing out big this time all thanks to bitcoin, well that’s if they were smart enough to invest in bitcoin when the price was low

  3. Bitcoin treasury bills or not, anything that goes up must surely come down, bitcoin price will still experience heavy correction before in skyrockets again

  4. Footprints on the sand of time can never fade, bitcoin has proven itself to be a digital asset backed by billions of dollars

  5. When bitcoin came many said it was a scam now everybody is rushing to get a piece considering the limited supply of 21 million

  6. Top 5 investment 2021
    Bitckin treasury bills
    Bitcoin treasury bills
    Bitcoin treasury bills
    Bitcoin treasury bills
    Bitcoin treasury bills

  7. Never doubted bitcoin, owned lots of it from inception, I mine bitcoin, I trade bitcoin and now I bid bitcoin, what a time to be alive

  8. Short story
    I thought bitcoin was a scam and now I have to live with that regret for the rest of my life, a friend of mine bought his mom a $1million dollar house

  9. Bitcoin has more usability Than ethereum, to me ethereum is a shit coin, bitcoin has so many products, take bitcoin treasury bills for example, there can never be an ethereum treasury bills lol

  10. Billionaires are risk takers, Should have listened to my dad, well its never too late, just dropped 100k for 31days bid @ 4% discount rate

  11. Bitcoin treasury bills will never allow bitcoin to dump, I told you guys, see what happened, it was trading below 27k now all of a sudden boom to 28k,i love life

  12. Funny how people still don’t trust bitcoin and yet their neighbours are getting new whips and new houses accross the street

  13. Funny how people still don’t trust bitcoin and yet their neighbours are getting new whips and new houses accross the street
    #bitcointreasurybills# I will continue to bid till the end of 2030

  14. Now that potus has approved $2000 each stimulus package for covid_19, bitcoin treasury bills will see huge bids in the coming days thereby pushing the price of bitcoin further up

  15. Nigeria is labeled as a 3rd world country and yet we are the 2nd largest bitcoin traders after US, bitcoin treasury bills is being done by the elite here, not everyone knws about it but we are getting there, personally I run bids for hundreds of people.

  16. Gold Gat nothing on bitcoin, Gold was discovered years ago ND yet it has not done what bitcoin has achieved in few years, few years from now bitcoin will surpass gold market cap by trillions considering how fast its being traded

    CME trading
    CBOE trading
    Bitcoin treasury bills
    ND a whole Lotta them out there

  17. A lot has happened between March till this moment, so many have died, many more lost there jobs but bitcoin just decided to put a smile on all our faces and Bitcoin treasury bills gave us a replacement by investment for the unemployed, am so emotional rn

  18. Bitcoin treasury bills Has been the words comin outta eerbodys mouth since bitcoin bull run, I think it’s worth it and am willing to give it a try

  19. Right here in the US nobody is talkin about not being employed, fact they 2nd wave pandemic Gat nothing on us, we are trying to form. A community and register for the cooperate bidding

    1. The AML law is there for a reason, bidding in btbills has limits and you can’t exceed it, it’s a way of controlling things or else people will use it to launder money around, so your data can only be shared with the authorities only if you have committed a crime and was reported

  20. The cooperate bidding is a whole new level, you Wil have to submit your company name for verification and approval ie all your company books and accounts must be open

  21. The government really fought to surpress bitcoin but hey they d failed!! We AR on the air, there is no stopping us, it’s a one world currency.

  22. Mention any physical investment that has really made the type of profit bitcoin has made in the past 3months. Bitcoin is the king of Money.

  23. There is always light at the end of the tunnel, bitcoin dipped to $4k plus in March and today it has done more than 500% since then, what a great asset

    1. Many folks would still remain poor, hinting of the illuminati shit, many still believes bitcoin is money from the devil, religious psychopaths

  24. Lol illuminati? Only Africans believes that shit, bitcoin is new money, Africans still believes in traditional way of making money and that’s tragic

  25. I love the minimum bid of $100 for that of 31days,bringing bitcoin treasury bills nearer to the poor, literally anyone can get a bite of the cake

  26. Nobody knows tomorrow they said
    We might experience more dip they said
    Sell all your bitcoins they said
    Now am regretting my decisions
    Its never too late though

  27. Bitcoin treasury bills have given equal opportunity to everybody, now student have the choice to remain in school or bid thousands of dollars on btbills and become millonaire before they graduate, school is highly overated, those days we go to school just to party with our peers ND have fun ND do stupid things, even that is all gone now.

  28. Forgive me lord for I have sinned greatly
    I pawned my dad’s couple of Rolex at the black market for half the price just to bid on btbills, hoping to replace it soon

  29. Just got a Bentley for my dad for his 55th birthday, could av just gave him a btbills account with a 100k bid, could have been the best birthday gift ever

  30. So many secrets in this world, exclusive coins are being bid on cooperate bidding page, guess we stil experience the rich and poor on everything

  31. Been on my own since I was 9 haven lost my parents to a car crash, bitcoin has been my God given solace
    Bitcoin treasury bills to the world

  32. During the days of our father it was oil and gold
    Today it’s bitcoin for us ND even our fathers are tapping into what we created, let’s face it, we AR the better breed, oil and gold are natural resources, bitcoin is pure mental thinking.

  33. Lol old folks are still skeptical about bitcoin, they don’t like what the youths are doing, imagine Bernie sanders talkin trash about bitcoin just cos he doesn’t share same view

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